• Sebastian Winter

Client Case Study: Capital Raising

Entelechy was brought on board by an angel investor looking for an external expert to provide one of his portfolio firms advice on raising capital.

The Client: A UK headquartered SaaS firm that provided a solution to manage energy in Indian buildings. The firm provided hardware and software and had a partner firm for services, that enabled a corporation to manage its buildings' energy, reducing costs and carbon footprints.

Challenge: The firm had raised £1,300,000 in a Series A round and required debt investment to meet a sudden surge in demand created by a new regulation in India. The startup needed the capital in the next 1-2 months. Too short a period for raising the next round of equity funding.

Solution: Entelechy analyzed the startup's offering, key data, financial models, and strategic goals, then used this insight to develop three potential funding options. This was then delivered in a 60-minute workshop where the startup's founders and angel investor could discuss each of the options, and decide on the path forwards. Entelechy then used its network of investors to connect the entrepreneurs to the relevant people to raise the capital they required.

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